Design Group was founded in 1992 and its first store was opened the same year in Moscow suburbs with only three employees. Company started to expand its sales to open markets and first pull of local dealers was created. Within one year of sales Group Design has acquired its first office-warehouse in Moscow. In 1994 in the response of rapidly developing construction market and the consumer demand for environmentally friendly paints we have started our long lasting relationship with Alcro-Beckers AB, Sweden. Since this moment Group Design is forming national network of distributors which is covering all Russian regions and all main cities. Exclusive rights in CIS for Beckers brand were signed in 1998 and the Group Desing was reformed to vertically managed company with centralized planning. That day paint business became the key part of the Group.

In 1998, thanks to the strengthen business relations in the Nordic countries and established logistics system, as well as impeccable corporate reputation of the company, Group Design signs an exclusive distribution contract with the security systems market leader – ASSA, Sweden. Thus, Group Design develops a new business direction — sales, design, installation and maintenance of access restriction systems for private and commercial installations. By that time the client portfolio of Group Design includes a solid number of professional contractors and builders, oriented on reliable, high quality, and environmentally friendly products.

By 2003, the paint industry becomes one of the most competitive in the country. As a part of the diversification strategy Group Design enters into agreement with Europe’s largest manufacturer of decorative paints — French group Chimie SAV (now known as Iniatives Decoration). This step is naturally led to the creation of a new business unit, serving this segment. It combines its own creative studio, where professional decorators and master technicians are testing new decorative coatings and create design effects for walls, ceilings and interior items. Our craftsmen work at customers’ facilities throughout Moscow and the Moscow region, carrying out post-sales services and conduct master classes for those who want to master the art of wall decor. Client Portfolio also was enriched with new client categories — interior designers and architects.

In the same year, Group Design acquires a furniture factory with a total area of 12 000 sq.m. and modernized it with the newest Italian machinery. Thus, expanding the range of products and services, diversifying the capital investments and strengthening its position in the Russian market. Since then, our regular customers became: Korston, Hyatt, Mariott, Russian Presidents’ Administration, Sberbank, Gazprom, Megafon, National Museums and US Embassy in Moscow.

2004 was the year of large DIY chain introduction into Russian market. As a consequence, the focus of our activities has shifted to mass market products under the concept, based on our initial principles. Since then we became the distributor of such famous brands as Alcro, 3V3, Bison, Griffon, Senideco, Jotun, Tikkurila, Les Decoratives, Initiatives Decoration, MasterLock, Oxi and others. Apart of that, in 2004 we launched our first own trade mark – painting tools Paritet, which has been taking leading positions in the country during 10 years.

In 2006, we decided to repeat our success in developing the private label for DIY market, and together with the Initiatives Decoration we launched a line of decorative paints under «Paritet Décor» brand for OBI. Eventually our decorative paints conquered over 50% of Russian DIY market in this segment. In the same year, together with Rilak paint factory from Latvia we launched over 100 SKUs of paints and enamels under «Paritet Color» brand for regional networks: Baucenter, Home Center and Tvoy Dom.

Over the past years financial crises became a test of strength for our company. However, competent management, a clear marketing strategy and timely response to market realities has enabled us not only to overcome the temporary difficulties, but also to reach a new quality of corporate level.

Today, our products can be found in all regions of the country — from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Group Design continues to cooperate with international and regional DIY networks in Russia: Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Metro Cash & Carry, Petrovich and other local DIY stores. Among our corporate clients are corporations such as Gazprom, Sberbank, Korston, Mariott, Hyatt, MegaFon, IKEA and others.

Today, Group Design is:
∙ More than 150 employees
∙ R&D and decorative workshop
∙ Central office in Moscow
∙ Own chain of professional paint stores in Moscow
∙ Own warehouse
∙ Exclusive distributor of Beckers paints, BISON adhesives, decorative materials Les Decoratives, ASSA locks and many other international brands.